Tempus MUMEENA Closing project Conference in Tbilisi

They say ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’ so here are some pictures of the Project closing Conference in Georgia. Hover your icon over the picture to see the text.

Day 1 and 2 of the conference !













Afternoon of workshops!














Student conference day 2






It was not all work !










Thank you to all those from TSMU that organised and assisted with the very succesful conference !

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Report on conference meeting in Ivano-Frankivsk 9th-10th July 2014

Dr Anne-Marie Reid (TEMPUS MUMEENA co-ordinator, Leeds, UK) and Ms Elaine Brock (TEMPUS MUMEENA Finance Manager, Leeds UK) joined partners in Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University this week for a conference celebrating the achievements of MUMEENA in Western Ukraine.

The conference began with greetings on behalf of the Rector from Pro-Rector Sergiy Kobets who welcomed the visitors to the University.   He gave a short presentation on the history and achievements of the University and explained how proud they were to be part of the MUMEENA collaboration. This was followed by a number of presentations which outlined specific areas of success in meeting MUMEENA objectives.  Professor Oryna Detsyk explained development of the curriculum in the very important area of Palliative and Hospice Care and opportunities for students to gain experience in hospice settings and in key skills such as breaking bad news.

The development of Research Skills in Ivano-Frankivsk was outlined by Associate Professor Olha Samotovka who explained the introduction of new courses and the projects with which students were involved.  The Head of the Teacher Training Centre, Valentyna Dzovonkovska  outlined the very good practice in training teachers in the University and the emphasis on effective teaching and peer observation conducted there.  Victoria Mizyuk and Markian Pyuryk also reported on the innovations in teaching they were using in their respective disciplines.  The University recognise expertise in English as a valuable skill for teachers and Victoria Vysochan from the Linguistics Department explained the opportunities in Ivano-Frankivsk for teachers to develop English language skills.

On the second day of the conference Ms Elaine Brock met with the MUMEENA team at the University to discuss how the MUMEENA budget was being spent and to outline opportunities for future developments. Dr Anne-Marie Reid provided a workshop with staff and students to discuss how to build on the current foundations of Faculty Development and student education through modern learning and teaching methodologies.  The staff and students engaged enthusiastically in the workshop, identifying areas of good practice and possibilities for future development. 

 The visitors were also able to meet with the Student Union group who do good work in supporting their peers in the many challenges which face medical students and with the Medical Student society who are involved in many academic, sporting and community activities including the –‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ with local schools.   There was also an opportunity to visit the Stomatology centre where cutting edge technologies are being used to teach students modern techniques such as implantology.  A tour of the Education and Practice centre of General Medicine was conducted by the Dean who demonstrated the excellent practical and bedside teaching in the centre.

The visitors were treated to a tour of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, which is rich in history, and also had the pleasure of visiting the University’s Educational and Recreational Centre ‘Arnika’,  situated near Yaremche in the beautiful  pre-Carpathian mountains.  The Leeds team would like to thank all colleagues at IFNMU for their generous hospitality and to congratulate them on the very significant progress they have made with MUMEENA project objectives.

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TEMPUS MUMEENA Closing Conference 1st – 3rd July 2014

TEMPUS MUMEENA Closing Conference 1st – 3rd July 2014

The Tempus Project Closing Conference “TEMPUS MUMEENA – Celebrating achievements and looking to the future of Medical Education in Eastern Europe” – taking place on 1st July – 3rd July, 2014 at the Tbilisi State Medical University, Tbilisi (Georgia).

 The Conference will be focused on main achievements during project implementation and further strategies towards further improvement of medical education in Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan partner medical schools.

The Conference venue:

Tbilisi State Medical University.

33, Vazha-Pshavela ave, Tbilisi, Georgia

More information about the conference is available at the following website:     www.tsmu.edu


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THE EXPERIENCE IN IMPLEMENTING THE MUMEENA PROJECT IN IFNMU: according to the conference materials, 28/04/2014, Yaremche

On the 28th April 2014 was held the annual scientific and practical conference “The Experience in Implementing the Credit-and-Modular System of Organizing Educational Process in Prykarpattia Higher Educational Establishments of the III-IV Accreditation Levels” dedicated to the experience achieved by IFNMU lecturers within the frameworks of the EU TEMPUS MUMEENA project.

Special interest and lively discussion among the conference participants was caused by the speakers’ presentations on the case based clinical reasoning (CBCR) development in students at the departments of Internal Medicine No.2 (Assoc. Prof. V. Miziuk), Propaedeutics (Assoc. Prof. T. Dzvonkovska), General Surgery (Assoc. Prof. I. Dmytriv) and on the research skills development at the department of Social Medicine (Assoc. Prof. O. Samotovka), accompanied by a video demonstration of the conducted classes.

In the conference theses, published under the Tempus program sponsorship, there are presented the results gained by university staff in the following directions: development of the experience in implementing the credit-and-modular system of study, development of case based clinical reasoning (CBCR) and research skills (RSC), realization of the integrated program of training medical faculties’ students in order for them to master practical skills and methods, organization and effectiveness of the educational and practical centers’ activity, and the experience in improving the postgraduate training of specialists.


MUMEENA team: Ass. Prof. V.Miziuk, Vice rector, prof. G.Ersteniuk,

ass.prof. O.Samotovka, ass.prof. G.Strutynsky, ass.prof. I.Dmytriv









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Update on EU TEMPUS MUMEENA Project

The three year EU funded Tempus Modernising Medical Education in the Eastern Neighbouring Area (MUMEENA) project started in October 2011 and is now in its final year.

Over the last two years our partners in Georgia, Ukraine and Tbilisi have been working incredibly hard to implement a modern medical curriculum in their own medical schools.  As lead partners in the project we are delighted with progress made to date – all of our partner medical schools have introduced Case Based Clinical reasoning (CBCR) into their student curriculum for 3rd year students and are planning to roll CBCR out into their 4th and 5th years’ timetables (evidence of which can be seen on or Tempus MUMEENA website). The move to integrate the curriculum through CBCR is linked to the development of Geriatric Medicine, Public Health and Research Skills which are currently under-developed in post- soviet countries.  In the last few months training workshops for staff involved in these developments have been held in Rome and in Baku.


                                                      Project partners in Rome.

The team at the University of Leeds have created a handbook entitled ‘Supporting Learning and Teaching for Modern Medical Faculty’ which is currently being translated into Georgian, Ukrainian and Azeri for partners.  Western European project partners at the Utrecht Medical University are creating a handbook for training in CBCR and partners at the Universities of Granada and Milan are working together to produce a handbook to support development of research skills. We hope to have completed these and to have them translated into the local languages by the summer.

The next few months will be dedicated to training staff in the newly developed Teacher Training Centres which have been funded by the EU Tempus project at Tibilisi State Medical University (Georgia), O’Bohomelets National Medical University (Ukraine) and at Azerbaijan Medical University. We are also developing network of students across the partner medical schools to engage them as fully as possible in the development and implementation of the MUMEENA project.

We would like to thank all of our MUMEENA project partners for their efforts to date in this great work.

We would especialy like to thank Dr Volodymyr Vasylchuk (Co-ordinator for Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University) who left the project on January 2014.

Anita Garvey,  (on behalf of the TEMPUS MUMEENA team)

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Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University – Case Based Clinical Reasoning Session

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AMEE Conference – 30th August – 3rd September 2014 – Milan

The AMEE Conference provides an opportunity for all with an interest in medical and health professions education to meet together to hear about what’s new in the area, to share ideas and to network with colleagues from around the world.

Three thousand participants from one hundred countries are expected, bringing with them a rich range of cultural experiences, and making this the largest annual international medical and health professions education conference.

As a teacher or trainer, a dean or a course organiser, an educationalist or researcher, an administrator or a student, you should come to AMEE 2014 to hear about key developments in curriculum planning, approaches to teaching and learning, assessment methods, educational management, and evidence-informed teaching. You also have the opportunity to present your own work to enthusiastic and like-minded colleagues.

Sessions at AMEE conferences cover the continuum of education in medicine and the health professions from undergraduate education, through postgraduate education to continuing professional development.

The AMEE 2014 Provisional Programme will be announced soon.  REGISTRATION WILL COMMENCE IN MID DECEMBER

Follow AMEE 2014 through our Facebook page and our Twitter feed – remember #amee2014

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Conference Report – general


The TEMPUS MUMEENA project is now entering the third and final year, marked by the recent the conference hosted by Azerbaijan Medical University in Baku.  The conference was opened by the University Rector, Ahliman Amiraslanov, with welcome speeches given by representatives of the Ministry of Health and Education in Azerbaijan and by Parviz Baghirov, the National TEMPUS representative.

Professor Trudie Roberts, the MUMEENA project Grant holder from the University of Leeds reminded the delegates of the context and aims of the project and congratulated partners on their achievements to date.  Reports on individual progress were delivered by each partner medical school, highlighting the steps taken in curriculum and faculty development and the commitment to ongoing improvements.

Seminars on curriculum integration, Case Based Clinical Reasoning (CBCR), Research Skills and Quality Assurance including student feedback were enjoyed by delegates who actively participated in sharing ideas on good practice and reflecting on how these could be implemented in their own context.  Student delegates from Azerbaijan enthusiastically voiced of their support for the project and contributed valuable ideas on how they believed their undergraduate training could be improved.

Delegates were also given the opportunity to view the modern clinical facilities in the University teaching hospital and the new clinical skills suite which is partly funded from TEMPUS and will contribute to teaching and assessment of the integrated curriculum.   Associate Professor Rahima Gabulova who hosted the event provided delegates with two memorable evenings of traditional Azeri cuisine and entertainment, contributing to the success of a very enjoyable and productive conference.

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Pictures from the Azerbaijan Medical University – Tempus MUMEENA Conference in Baku


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Upcoming Baku Tempus MUMEENA Conference 21st – 23rd Oct 2013


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